Scenic wedding at the Casentino hills

Bride and groom wedding dinner table open air Toscan hills


Our bridal couple Eva and Gabriel fell in love with the picturesque and lovingly family-run wedding location in Poppi right at the beginning. Poppi with its’ beautiful castle is located in the Casentino north of Florence.
During the symbolic and very emotional wedding ceremony in the garden of the location, the little daughter of the wedding couple was also baptized. During the aperitif with prosecco and fingerfood we also arranged for an ice cream cart. The guests and the spouses were accompanied by Italian guitar music and enjoyed this special day immensely.

The wedding dinner took place at the pool with a view of the Poppi Castle. Fairy lights created a super romantic atmosphere. The band from Rome even performed a serenade for the bridal couple as a surprise. With live music and self-mixed cocktails the dancing went on until late into the night.

Come grow old with me. The best is yet to be.
– William Wordsworth


Wedding photographer: Julian Kanz Photographer